About us Chris and Rachel's World Adventure Website

About us
We are Chris and Rachel and are a semi-retired couple taking time out to 
travel and see what the world has to offer. We are conscientious, honest, 
diligent and reliable.

Chris has spent a most of his working life either in senior management roles
or running his own businesses whilst Rachel worked in various roles within
the print industry to become a successful business development manager.
Subsequent to leaving England we have trained and taught as English
teachers in the various countries we have travelled in.

We have had various houses with gardens, ponds and veg plots, have had
cats, dogs, rabbits etc and had already travelled extensively as tourists
prior to our current adventures.

As a couple we are sickeningly happy and supportive of one another and
are pretty much willing to give anything a go. We enjoy cooking, dancing, keeping fit and would rather be doing stuff than watching tv hence we have never had one. We have no pre-conceived ideas limiting us in the type of house sits we do or how long we do them for.

What we have to offer
Between us we have many skills, life experiences and common sense. We have probably experienced most situations in our lives and are competent non-panicking people. We are conscientious, respectful and honest. We are prepared to work if required and will always do so to the best of our abilities. Importantly we would treat any unexpected situations with the house owners best interest in mind.

Our personalities
We are happy-go-lucky, non-judgemental, gregarious and sociable people 
who believe that "what goes around, comes around" so treat people and 
animals with respect.